Mike & Carol's Month (Jul)
5th - Finance Team meeting
1,8,15th - Relationship Training with Karli church (RI & DC)
8th - Leaders Meeting
9-12th - McCoy's BAU
12 & 27th - Karis Group Inc.
23-26th - McCoy's Next Level training
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Round Rock
NW Austin
Cedar Park (north)
East Austin (Mueller)
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Simple Church

Each of the Simple Churches in our network will probably have a slightly unique ‘flavor’ due to the people who belong, but we do seek to follow certain principles with regard to the meetings. First thing to say though, would be that these are intended to reflect a community, a network of relationships and so they are meant to be more than a meeting.
Each Simple Church will normally decide for themselves when they wish to meet (usually each week). A meeting will usually have one or more of the following components;

  1. Food and a time to catch up with what is happening in each other’s lives
  2. A time to bless/minister to the Lord in song, prayer, listening, etc.
  3. Testimony
  4. Prayer – intercessory and ministry to one another through the laying on of hands
  5. Interactive teaching, learning and exercising spiritual gifts

Each week we seek to be sensitive to what the Spirit is saying and respond to the needs that become known. Sometimes that may be needs outside of the group and the time may be more about practical help of some kind. Other weeks may be more social – including times to invite visitors along so they can get to know people in the group. Sometimes there may be a special burden to pray for an extended time together. A real priority for us is that we want to deeply know and demonstrate care for one another.

Children play a full part in the life of our Simple Churches and it is really up to the group to determine how best they can be involved. An important principle to us is that parents have the primary God-given responsibility for discipling their children and teaching them the ways of the Lord. But the community of faith is there to help support and encourage them in that most important task.

Primarily we are learning how to operate as a body, led by the Spirit, seeking the manifestation f the Spirit through the gifts he gives, with each person playing an important part. They are not to be dominated by any one person, nor are they meant to be like a traditional bible study group.

The goal of the group (which operates more like a family), is growth and multiplication. They are not static but are meant to be a welcoming community where people can come along and share in the life of the community and hopefully get connected through a Life Transformation Partnership.

Within the Simple Churches, we encourage a team model of leadership whereby the more senior members of the group would occasionally meet together for prayer and reflection about the direction and emphasis of the group, and to discuss any particular needs that have become known.

For a list of our current Simple Churches and their general location and meeting time, please click here.

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Family Gathering

Three or four times a year, to coincide with the major Christian fetivals of Easter, pentecost and Advent/Christmas, we invite all the small groups to come together for a time of celebration. It is also an opportunity to invite other believers, and Simple Churches to join with us, that we might be mutually encouraged.

The format and content of this time together includes the following;

  • A shared meal with communion (bread and wine)
  • Praise and thanksgiving in song and word
  • Shared story/testimony of how God is working
  • Prayer for any new ministry initiatives or simple churches being started
  • Teaching and encouragement based around the theme of the particular festival being celebrated

This gathering is usually held at Mike & Carol's home.

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