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23-26th - McCoy's Next Level training
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Community Impact

Whilst we are currently a small network of Simple Churches, our primary emphasis is to envision and empower those with whom we are connected to discover their gifts and passion in order to make a difference for God in the world. We want to put the responsibility for this in the hands of individuals (who may partner with others in their Simple Church), rather than such initiatives always being initiated and driven by BridgePoint as an entity in itself.

Here you will see different ways in which we are seeking under God to make an impact for good in people’s lives. If you want more information or would like to get involved or wish to add to the list a ministry or initiative of which you are a part, please just contact us.


Most of us spend the major part of our time in the workplace. If the fruit of our faith is to be seen anywhere, it should be in the workplace and so we seek to encourage people to find Christ and equally to express their life and faith in Him in the workplace. For some, this may provide opportunity to serve, pray with and for people as well as give testimony to the Lord’s goodness. Some of us are involved in workplace ministry such as fellowship groups and prayer groups. Others are engaged in relational ministry in the business world.

Thinking outside the box, it seems very appropriate for us to think of planting Simple Churches and prayer/ministry groups among the people with whom we spend much of our waking time – our work colleagues.

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Part of our dream is to see a greater expression of unity among the body of Christ in our neighborhoods. Often, believers from different denominations or fellowships rarely connect with one another for prayer or fellowship despite living next door to one another in some instances. The Psalmist reminds us that wherever brethren live together in unity, the Lord commands his blessing. We would love to see and be a part of a grassroots movement of believers getting together in neighborhoods to see how they can serve and bless people they live amongst.

At the very least in our own Simple Churches, we would like to be community oriented and see groups emerge that were focused in a more local area so as to facilitate more spontaneous fellowship, sharing and ministry.

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Relational Ministry

The institution of family is coming under major attack in our culture. This comes as great emotional and financial expense and suffering. We are focused on teaching and modeling relational principles and practices that will help to strengthen marriages, families and communities. Look out for events and activities that have a focus upon stronger, more intimate relationships.

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Supporting Other Ministries/Missions

Wherever possible we wish to partner with existing ministries and missional initiatives without feeling the need to keep ‘reinventing the wheel’ or the need to own and have our name upon these. We encourage people in our communities to look for ways in which they can use their gifts and talents to serve the needs of our city and beyond.

Currently we have people involved with or are supporting with prayer, time, and/or finance, the following ministries;

Campus Renewal Ministries
Center for Relational Leadership
Compassion Child Sponsorship
Intimate Life Ministry

HopeFest 2008

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